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  • In this section you will find frequently asked questions regarding the hosting services if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us in the area of Sales.



1. What is Cpanel control panel?


It is an interface that overcomes the CPanel Control Panel, which lets you make multiple changes and modifications to your Control Panel in several languages. Is designed for the end user of the website, allowing you to have total control over everything from adding or removing email accounts to its employees eg: usuario@miempresa.com to manage MySQL databases, upload your website files Web, etc.. If you've never used before a control panel will not be a problem since it does everything for you.


2. What is the hosting service or Web Hosting?


Also known as Web Hosting, is renting a space in the server's hard drive that are connected directly to the Internet where your website is hosted. This means that thanks to our technology your site will benefit with higher performance and better response from your site to your web visitors.


3. Is there a discount for paying with a number of months in advance?


MiLesDeWeb offers a discount for prepayment of your account: If you pay a year in advance you get a discount, example: per month pays USD $ 3.50, but a year pays USD $ 31.99 (approx Descto. 24%). For more information, please see our prices or contact the sales area.


4. I bought the domain with another provider, I can buy hosting with you?


Of course you do! Not only that, if you wish, you can purchase as many domains you want with the company you want and host them here with us.


5. What if I do not renew the hosting service?


Advance MilesDeWeb sends several messages to e-mail (s) registration (s) with us. If the contract is not renewed, the hosting account is suspended after the expiration of this, and after 30 days will be removed.


6. What are the steps to contract with MilesDeWeb hosting?


Go to the section Payment to opt for one method, then fill the order form , and within a few hours after confirmation of the deposit, will be receiving in your mail, the data needed to start using their service. It will send the access codes so you can manage, create email accounts usuario@miempresa.com, upload files, etc. in the area of support will find video tutorials for the management of CPanel.


7. How long does the activation of the service?


Once we confirm the data of the order form, we will send you everything you need to make use of your website. (Estimated time 30 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours)


8. How to pay?


You can make payment via Paypal locate your service and press "Add to Cart" , you can also make a deposit / bank transfer or sending money via Western Union or Money Gram, click here for more info.


9. What happens when you exceed the disk space on my account?


If the space exceeds the allocated disk, you can switch to a higher plan by paying the difference or Simply select start deleting files on your hosting account.


10. Do I have an admin panel?


Each customer has its own Control Panel in Spanish . From the Control Panel (Cpanel or Plesk) can access all the features of the hosting service (statistics, create databases, create subdomains, install a forum, etc.).


11. Do I have FTP access?


To access your web hosting space on the server, you have one or more FTP accounts will allow you to log in remotely to all your folders (database, website, etc.) To upload files as many times as you need 24 hours, 365 days a year.


12. What content is prohibited on the Web Hosting?


-We do not accept sites that promote child pornography. 

-We do not accept sites that contain material that encourages fraud or scams (example: Phishing). 

-installations are not accepted on the server that spamming (sending mass spam)


Review our terms and conditions of contract.


13. How do I configure my email accounts?


Check out the following video tutorials to configure:


- Video of Outlook Express

- Video of Outlook 2007


14. Do I have a system of statistics on my website?


Yes, You have the Control Panel with a comprehensive statistical system, you can see who visited your site, what pages navigated, how long it was, where it came from, and many more details.  To view them you must go to the "Web statistics "in your Control Panel.


15. On average, how many sites are hosted on each server?


MiLesDeWeb not have a fixed number of domains per server. Because in practice we can find that ten domains can utilize more resources than other 200 domains. MiLesDeWeb monitors performance levels for each server and tries to maintain a low average "server load" and rather high CPU availability. If necessary, update the hardware MiLesDeWeb to increase server performance.Individual domains that use too many server resources , are suggested to move to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server if applicable. Those accounts that may impair the excessive use of server resources (CPU, memory, etc..) Will be suspended for the benefit of all other accounts on the server.


16. Do the servers support international domain names?


MiLesDeWeb can accommodate all types of domains on their servers. Hosting We all Latin America, Europe and Latinos in the United States. The end user is responsible for the process of registering domain names (s) region (s) or alien (s). Then you must put the DNS MiLesDeWeb assigned.


17. How do I start?


Simple! Just purchase one of our plans, you will receive access codes and will have your business running on the Internet. Select the product and get started today.


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