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  • In this section you will find frequently asked questions regarding the property, if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us in the area of Sales.



1. What is a domain?


A domain is the Identity of your online business. Domain names are unique and are used in the Web, e-mail and major services deployed on the network.

Thus, for example or is an Internet domain. you should consider registering your company name, your brand or your project, because every day there are thousands of domains, do not risk losing him, get your domain NOW


2. How do I register my domain?


Register domains MiLesDeWeb is easy, it's 02 simple steps that follow:

  1. Having the security of the domain name you want to buy (once registered the name and can not be changed).
  2. Make a deposit and complete the form clic here.


3. Who will own the domain?


You and only you will be the absolute owner of your domain, we provide a panel for administration domain (valid only for International Domain Names).


4. What letter that I can use for my domain name?


The domain name can use any word by the letters of the alphabet "a" to "z" , digits "0" to "9" and character "-" (minus sign less).


5. I have registered my domain with another provider. Is it feasible to switch to MiLesDeWeb to be my registrants?


If feasible. Having registered your domain with MiLesDeWeb must contact us and tell us the domain name you want to transfer to us.


6. I can redirect my domain to a page that I have now?


Yes, providing you MiLesDeWeb domains can be redirected, if you own a web site either in a Free Hosting or not, your domain can be redirected to it. (You can even have your own domain for HI5, your blog or MySpace). You only need to tell us the URL (Web address) that you want to redirect your domain.


7. Could I transfer domains?


The transfer and / or purchase of domains from other service providers is absolutely allowed.


8. How long does the activation of my domain name?


Due to our affiliation with the world leader in domain registration, the same once acquired, it only takes 2 hours for the domain is in the air. Officially, to appear in the whois is 24 to 72 hours.


9. In what ways I can pay my domain?


Please enter Payment.


10. I can register my domain without having a website?


You can separate your domain and use it later to include a website. Remember to separate your domain can be very helpful to protect your brand or company name.


11. Who is responsible for regulating Internet domain?


The entity is the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.


12. What is DNS?


DNS (Domain Name Server) server names. It is the computer that resolves domain names. The Domain Name System or DNS , is a system that translates a domain name to an IP number and, thus, is located the server hosting a website. Each web page has an assigned IP address. The role of DNS is to translate the name of each page to its corresponding IP address.


13. What is DNS Propagation?


The spread is the time during which information is dispersed from their DNS servers on the Internet. Progragación time ranges from 12 to 24 hours maximum.


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