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1. What is a dedicated server?


The term dedicated server refers to an advanced form of hosting in which the client rents computer equipment and have complete control over it. A dedicated server is characterized by offering large amounts of processing, storage or data transfer are usually required by business, corporate, corporate and government.


2. When should I buy a dedicated server?


Dedicated servers are recommended for sites with traffic and consumption of very high processor, also for companies or individuals whose projects require much space, processing, transfer capacity or safety.


3. What are the advantages of having a dedicated server?


a. Full and custom configuration of the applications installed on the system Dedicated Server.
b. Exclusive use of resources dedicated server.
c. Privacy and Security Dedicated Server stored data.
d. Possibility of installation of new software on the dedicated server.
e. Exceptional performance in the execution of its web applications.
f. Increased availability and stability of web services and email.
g. Greater control of server resources.

4. Is there a trial period for hiring a Dedicated Server?


No, do not give trial period for this service


5. What programs can I install on my server?

You are free to install any software on your server and is responsible for the licensing of all products that install additional to those MiLesDeWeb offered as part of the package.


6. What is the limit of sending emails a day?


There is no limit for sending mail but sending e would be limited by the contracted monthly transfer. We recommend you make moderate use mail service as the dedicated server does not entitle users to send SPAM.


7. Can I install any application requiring?


You can install applications that are compatible with the operating system of the server and have the licenses if these applications require.


8. Does my service may be suspended if I send mass mailings from the dedicated server?


That's right, if you send mass emails and you're marked as SPAM or a black list. You will will suspend the service and if necessary will be terminated the service.


9. What level of access get with my Personal Server?


You get root access, which means that you have complete administrative control of your server. You can choose to install software you need on your server, and can handle all aspects.


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