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  • In this section you will find frequently asked questions regarding the hosting services if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us in the area of Sales.



1. What is a VPS?


It is known as Virtual Server to each division within a server to enable multiple virtual machines on it, thereby obtaining power, privacy and security of a dedicated server, each VPS has its own operating system, a fixed amount of memory allocated, one or more IPs own address. With this technology you get some very high levels of availability as our nodes hosting VPS Servers offer unbeatable technical characteristics simultaneously without losing one iota of flexibility.


2. What are the advantages for me to have a private server?


The VPS or Virtual Private Server enables us to guarantee part of the resources of a machine exclusively for you within a shared by other clients server, however is closer to the concept of dedicated server as other clients can not consume resources reserve for you and not vice versa. Here other advantages: a- b- root access can install your own packages and services (Mysql, mail server, dns, etc) c- Much cheaper than a Dedicated and with almost the same level of functionality Server. e Recomedado when you require functionality not found in a shared hosting account (Special software, security etc)


3. How do I know if I need a VPS?


If you already have existing standard hosting plan or reseller hosting plan and exceeded the resources provided by these, you need a service that has higher performance as a VPS.


4. Is there a trial period for a VPS?


No, do not give trial period for this service.


5. How many customers are in VPS server (node)?


That depends on the server, on average 3 or 4 VPS per node.


6. Can I change to another VPS Plan?


Yes, you can switch to a higher VPS plan.


7. How do I manage my VPS?


With Parallels Virtuozzo Containers panel.


8. What operating systems has the VPS?


Ubuntu or CentOS operating systems on our VPS.


9. How long does it take to activate a VPS?


It will take about 5 hours, sometimes longer if you are wanting cPanel.


10. Can I host an IRC on a VPS?


No, we do not allow IRC in any of our servers.


11. What kind of software I install on my VPS package?


Since you have full root access, you can install any software on your VPS package. However, any software that violates our Acceptable Use Policy, will not be permitted.


12. Can I install cPanel or Plesk VPS in my package?


Yes. We have set up automated installation process, so if you decide to buy cPanel for VPS package will be automatically installed for you.


13. How I can request an IP address?


Please contact us, We can sell one IP por US $ 3.99 / mo



14. Should I hire a VPS or Dedicated Server?


This really depends, if the site is currently in a shared environment, the natural next step is a VPS. If the site needs its own dedicated environment. With a dedicated server will have full use of the entire server. A VPS is still a shared solution (albeit with much more flexibility) and resources are shared with other VPS hosted on the server.


15. What are the terms and conditions of VPS?


Click here.


16. How do I start?


Simple! Just purchase one of our VPS plans, select your product and get your Virtual Private Server.


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