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You have a Reseller Panel where you can register, transfer, configure DNS.


For those who want to sell just Domains, make your initial deposit to open an account with us. Each time you make a purchase, funds will be reduced from your balance within the Domain Reseller Panel can register, transfer, configure the DNS, create a panel for each client.


No installation charge; No monthly fee; Fully usable and returnable deposits.


With every reseller account
  • Protection of Privacy
  • Service DNS
  • Redirect Domain
  • Protection Domain
  • Tools management
  • E-mail Forwarding
Password: demoreseller1
Nivel 1
Nivel 2
Nivel 3
Nivel 4
Initial Deposit
US $ 88
US $ 280
US $ 690
US $ 1700
Domain - price per year
US $ 10.39
US $ 10.19
US $ 9.90
US $ 9.69
US $ 12.80
US $ 12.50
US $ 12.10
US $ 11.89
US $ 13.99
US $ 13.70
US $ 13.50
US $ 13.29
US $ 13.79
US $ 13.30
US $ 12.89
US $ 12.49
US $ 13.79
US $ 13.30
US $ 12.89
US $ 12.39
US $ 10.39
US $ 10.19
US $ 9.69
US $ 9.19
US $ 8.30
US $ 7.90
US $ 7.40
US $ 7.19
US $ 8.90
US $ 8.50
US $ 8.10
US $ 7.89
US $ 9.10
US $ 8.70
US $ 8.30
US $ 7.90
US $ 8.50
US $ 8.10
US $ 7.60
US $ 7.30
US $ 14.10
US $ 13.90
US $ 13.89
US $ 13.79
+ Payment via Paypal is a retention of 4.9% + $ 0.50 cents per transaction
Secure Payments with Paypal, VISA or Mastercard
Initial Deposit
Note.- These prices are subject to change based on FX fluctuation.


1. What is the initial deposit?


It is a deposit in advance, you need to open an account with us. Every time you make a purchase, the funds will be deducted from your balance. In order to begin to sell, you have to make a minimum initial deposit of $ 88. However, the initial deposit amount would be increased to obtain a better price for each domain.


2. Does the initial deposit I can use, or is an activation fee?


The initial deposit, or any funds that are added to your account in advance are fully used by you to purchase domains. In addition, the deposit is not a fixed term. This means you can use the amount in the future.


3. Do you charge for activation or registration fee? Are there hidden costs for Domain Reseller?


No, do not charge any activation or registration fee. Nor do we have any hidden cost. We follow a system pre-payment. This means, for resale, the first thing to do is make a deposit to have your account. Each time you make a purchase from your account, the available balance of your account will be reduced. This advance deposit is fully usable by you, and it is not a fixed term.


4. Should I pay every time you register a domain or activate a service?


No, because we work with a deposit in advance. This means that in order to resell, you must first fund your account in advance. And every time you buy, the available balance of your account will be reduced.


5. How I'll activate a service?


You will have a Reseller Panel where you can check the balance available, register or transfer domains, set up DNS.


6. What happens after the initial deposit exhausted I did?


Once your initial deposit runs out, you can recharge your account with a minimum value of $ 50.


7. What happens if I start with $ 88 - Nivel 1? I have to then deposit $ 690 to get to Nivel 3?


Whenever you "Add Funds" to your account, your total income will increase. For example, say you have activated your account in $ 88, your total income will be $ 88 at that time. If you then add another $ 100 to your account, your total income increased to $ 188 and then begins to follow increased funding. Once your total income will reach $ 690, is automatically updated to Level 3 of $ 690.


8. What if I place an order, and no money in my account?


If you do not have "available balance" in your reseller account and place an order, the order will be in "pending state execution."The command is executed once you add funds.


9. I made a payment of $ 88 via PayPal, but my account has been credited with a lower amount. Will my account still be active?


All payments via PayPal to add funds are credited to your account Reseller (only after checking the PayPal transaction). Since I added exactly $ 88 U.S. dollars to your account, a smaller amount will be credited to your account, however, is still active.


10. I already paid the minimum deposit via PayPal. When you activate my account?


If you have used a Verified PayPal account, your account will be activated in the next 8 to 12 hours of adding funds.


Payments made through PayPal has a hold of 4.9% + 0.50 cents per transaction.


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